Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 35

Is a day off, but allow me to present to you:

The Bookseller Without Borders drinking game!

So get a beer or coke zero or 2 and some friends. Pull up ye old blog and begin reading.

Every time i begin a sentence with "So," take a drink.

Every time I have a parenthetical aside (you know, like this) take a drink.

Every time i say, "you know" take a drink.

Any time I combine 2 words into one the person reading has to take a drink. If it's hyphenate take 2, if i use an apostrophe (y'know, like that) take 3 drinks If it seems like it was an accident everyone drinks.

Every time you encounter a lower case i that should be an upper case I, everyone starts drinking until you get to the next properly capitalised I.

Every time i use a british spelling for something, y'know just to add colour, every one stands, places a hand over their heart and sings "God save the queen, Yeah yeah yeah" to the tune of
god save the queen, switching to "she loves you, yeah yeah yeah" by the beatles at the appropriate point. Then Finish your beverage.

The last person to finish has to recite the day number of every post that mentions Anne Kubek, if they do so successfully they get to make a rule.

Have fun, don't drink and drive, tip your waitress, i'll be here all month.

1 comment:

  1. I've been copy editing your work (except this blog) for about 15 years & I have rarely seen a properly capitalize "I". But, the important thing is that your message is understandable so who cares about grammar rules that were invented by upper class snots who just wanted to make life even more difficult for the working class?!
    Anyway, I'm really looking fwd to singing "God save the queen. Yeah, yeah, yeah."